E learning Psychological Health and Safety Program

Divided into six simple modules, THINK’n teaches strategies proven to decrease stress, increase resiliency, and prevent mental illness.

THINK'n is an Acronym​

Explore the THINK’n acronym by clicking on the letters below.

Tune In

Tuning in helps you understand your stressors so that you can manage them better

How Do You Feel?

Explore how you feel physically and emotionally and begin to identify your own reactions.

Identify Unhelpful Thoughts

Learn about and identify the thinking patterns that most relate to you.

New Thoughts

Once you identify your unhelpful thoughts, the next step is to replace them with more realistic, helpful thoughts.

Keep Calm

Learn relaxation and mindfulness exercises to help you stay calm and avoid negative effects of long-term stress.

“n” And Repeat

Now that you’ve been introduced to the THINK’n process, in this module we put it all together. Practice, practice, practice!

Decrease workplace stress, increase resiliency, and prevent mental illness

THINK’n is an interactive and engaging web-based program divided into six simple short modules that teach individuals strategies proven to decrease stress, increase resiliency, and prevent mental illness. The THINK’n program has been endorsed by a large International Engineering and Mining Company, an Industrial Manufacturing Company, and the Senior Director for Elder Research at Sheridan College in Toronto, Ontario.

The individuals who have developed this program are beyond knowledgeable. I wouldn't go anywhere else for mental health support. This program is so simple and so effective, it's kind of a no brainer. Get THINK'n!!!!
Devin Misener-O'Reilly
Psychotherapist & Founder
of Child and Family Pathways

Get THINK'n and Experience The Difference!

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