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Mental stress is at an all-time high. Mental health affects the well-being of our employees and our organizations. Mental health issues are the number one cause of disability claims. The cost to organizations is  approximately 3000 per employee per year.

The THINK’n  Psychological Health and Safety Program teaches Emotional Intelligence, enhances and develops employees knowledge, self awareness and interpersonal skills and teaches strategies proven to:


  • engagement
  • morale
  • retention
  • productivity
  • financial performance and organizational recruitment
  • overall well being

Decrease incidences of

  • grievances
  • injuries
  • health costs
  • medical costs
  • absenteeism and presenteeism
  • thoughts of suicide

“People are your best investment”

“Get THINK’n and Experience the Difference. Anytime. Anywhere”.

  • Leadership is what guides workplace culture.
  • Create friendly feedback workplaces
  • Strengthen your ability to have conversations about MH
  • Have a shared vision
  • Develop coping skills

THINKn is a proud supporter of the
Badge of Life Canada programs!

Mental Health Workshops

Our award winning experts have over 25 years of mental health training. We conveniently come to your location of choice and offer competitive rates plus discounts for bundled workshops.

Mental Health First Aid​

Get the skills and knowledge to help people better manage potential of developing mental health problems.

ASIST Training​​

Learn how to build comfort and understanding around suicide and suicide intervention.


Learn to recognize invitations and take action by connecting people with life-saving intervention resources

Everyone Experiences Stress

1 in 4 employees in the corporate sector are affected by mental health

Psychological health problems and illness are the number one cause of disability world wide

Psychological health costs the Canadian economy 51 billion a year and 20 billion is from WORK related causes

47% of the workforce consider THEIR WORK the MOST STRESSFUL part of their daily life

Psychological health affects mid-career workers the most, lowering productivity in the workplace

Psychological health impacts physical health. Protect them both.

Learn the ultimate strategies proven to help by enrolling in the THINK’n program now!

Experience the Difference THINK’n can make. Anytime. Anywhere.

THINK'n is an Acronym​

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The Time for THINK'n is Now

Web Based

Our program works on all major browsers and devices with no installation required! The program is secure and confidential.

Proven Strategies

THINK’n uses evidence informed proven strategies endorsed by the World Health Organization including CBT, DBT and mindfulness for increased emotional intelligence.

National Standard

THINK'n addresses the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the workplace.

Anywhere, anytime

Modules are accesible 24/7 during and after course completion.


Contact us with any questions about the program. We're here to help!​

Completion Certificates

We provide certificates to individuals who complete the program.

"It has been 1 year since we started with the THINK'n program. I can tell others that this program truly works. We will continue to have the THINK'n program as of one of our Psychological Health & Safety e learning programs within the organization"
Lori, VP of Human Resources
Steel Manufacturing Company

The THINK’n program has been endorsed by
Workplace Strategies for Mental Health and Mercer Canada

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